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Zastrow is used for special programs. It is most known for its large collection of Wood Badge memorabilia, boards showing knots, and painted footprints on the wall. The dynamic of Zastrow is vastly changing in the eyes of participants via our myriad of programs that we now offer. Zastrow is home of land navigation at Philmont through our daytime geocaching and orienteering courses designed by the author of the Orienteering Merit Badge book. Crews are divided and compete against one another for bragging rights for the rest of the trek. We have a Scouting Geography program that discusses the importance and differences of scouting in other countries around the world. However, if you stay at Rayado River or Zastrow, crews should pertake in evening programming (except cobbler and rededication if there are large numbers staying at Zastrow, sorry Rayado River). Our evening programs start with the cobbler bake-off competition then move forward to the rededication ceremony, which is a fantastic way to end your trek in the backcountry. For both types of treks passing through Zastrow (ending and beginning treks), our astronomy talk after the rededication ceremony is a great way to learn about what you can see through the naked eye at night while on the trail. We like to call it "backpacking astronomy". Zastrow is not longer the boring dry camp ... by the way, we have the Rayado River running through camp and the water is delicious when purified.

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