Crew Gear is issued to every crew which comes to Philmont for use on trail, unless they expressly state that they are going to be bringing their own. This is not reccomended though, as many lightweight fly's and pots may break on trail, and there is no place to resupply them. A full set of crew gear includes, but is not limited to,

  • Two (2) Large, standard issue Boy Scout aluminum cooking pots
  • One (1) Large backpacking dining fly, complete with poles and stakes.
  • One (1) Sump frisbee
  • One (1) Cleaning pad, cuttable into pieces.
  • 3-4 bear bags
  • Two (2) Bear bag ropes
  • One (1) Silver, non-locking carabiner for use with the oops bag
  • Three (3) sheets of water purification tablets.
  • Philmont standard issue tents, though these are optional, and most treks do not use them.

Trek gear must be returned to the main commissary at the conclusion of a trek.

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