{{Infobox Philmont camps | camp_name = Cimarroncito | type = staffed camp | sites = 22 | elevation = 8,160' | latitude = 36º 29' 54" N | longitude = 105º 3' 52' W | water = purified well | facilities = Showers | program = Rock climbing | Camp Director 2014 = Jeff Shortridge

Cimarroncito is one of the larger camps that is located in the central area of Philmont. It was the site of the commissary and trading post until the 1970s when it was moved to Ute Gulch. The large program here is rock climbing and rappelling, and is only one of three locations that rock climbing is available at Philmont. The Climbing Directors Training School is hosted by Cimmaroncito every fall. Cimmaroncito is also one of the few places in the Central Country that crews may do their required service hours. Notable at the camp is a three-sided bouldering wall, extending roughly twenty-five feet on opposite sides with a three foot wall between the two. If a participant reaches the end of the bouldering wall without falling, they will receive a prize and the priveledge of signing their name on the inside of the wall. One of the staff buildings holds a large indoor bouldering wall. The camp is close to the Ute Gulch Commissary. Cimmaroncito is often used as a layover camp.