Black Mountain
Type staffed camp
Campsites  ??
Elevation 9,040'
Latitude 36°26.58' N
Longitude 105°05.50' W
Water location stream, must be treated
Facilities none
Program Black powder Riflery, Blacksmithing, Mountain Living
Camp Director {{{director}}}

Black Mountain Camp is a part of Philmont. Black Mountain has an old log cabin and five staff members who play the roles of reconstruction settlers of the postbellum Southern United States. Located at the base of Black Mountain (whose south-face trail has been rated as the third toughest hike in the entire state of New Mexico), the camp has a program that includes black powder rifle shooting and blacksmithing.

Location & geographyEdit

Black Mountain Camp is located SSE of Black Mountain in the valley of the Upper Fork of Urraca Creek.

Black Mountain is one of only two staffed camps on Philmont Scout Ranch that are not accessible by road (the other being Crooked Creek), so food, supplies, and trash must be packed in and out by burro to Beaubien Camp. Because of their isolation, the staff do not accept trash or swapped food.

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